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6 Frame Nuc Box

Holds 6 deep frames and includes an entrance reducer and propolis trap as an inner cover.


Made of sturdy high density polystyrene.

The frame rests are reinforced with plastic. Both the bottom board and outer cover are ventilated. The outer cover has multiple close-able vents to allow plenty of ventilation in any season. A propolis trap is used as an inner cover to prevent bees from building comb in the outer cover. Included metal latches hold the cover in place.

The entrance can be set to queen excluder mode, fully closed for transport (flip over), or wide open (remove sliding plastic piece).

Please Note: Frames are not included. Assembly instructions are located here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ben Martin

lite weight, surprisingly strong, time will tell if worth the money

Bernie Thomas
quality product

easy to assemble. it is as advertised.

Joe S
Quality product. Shipped timely.

Needing to move some colonies I have in EZ-Nucs into something more insulated for winter. Researched these a bit, and talked with a local beek who has one. I bought 2 with additional bodies, and top feeders. When assembling ,some of the screws wanted to angle ( I was holding together with one hand, screwing in with the other, no jig) and I expected this to be like styrofoam and break out in chunks. It did not. There was no breakage and after assembling one, everything went pretty smoothly. A lot of optional plugs for closing vents. It wasn't until I saw one online that I realized the yellow plugs are for the top feeder if you want to use the punch-out and feed candy during the winter (or other dry feed I guess). I put the bees in these a few days ago, so time will tell, but I like them well enough that I will probably use this option for the others this winter. I would like it if tops and bottoms were offered separately, but it appears to be a quality box.

Donna Boshell
Lyson 6 frame nuc

assembly was easy. I like the looks of the nuc and that they are 6 frame with a little room. Will be ordering more.
would like to see a shim for them. very well pleased at this point. Will see how they work through winter.

Steven Klopping
Lyson 6 frame nuc

Product as described. Easy to assemble,6 frames fit easly with a little extra room to easly inspect hive.Lots of ventaliton options. I mainly wanted to try the Lyson nuc because of increased R values. Splits started the same time wood 5 frame nucs had some bearding on 100 deg. days no bearding on Lyson 6 frame nucs. Will have to wait to see after winter cold to tell more. Make sure to order the hive top feeder that fits the Lyson 6 frame nuc,they work great.

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