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Complete 5 Frame Nuc Box

5 frame wooden nuc box with bottom board, inner cover and telescoping outer cover.



A modular and complete 5-frame nuc box for either deep or medium frames (frames not included).

This complete assembled nuc box includes a telescoping outer cover, inner cover, deep hive body and choice of solid bottom board or screen bottom board.

Bottom Board Choices

  • Solid Bottom Board : A standard 3/4" opening height or can be turned over for a 1/2" opening.
  • Screened Bottom Board : A standard 3/4" opening height and includes a removable plastic debris tray.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Bill A
Quality Nuc Box

Nuc is extremely well made with quality materials. Solid item that is showing fine workmanship and detail. Should last for years. Would buy again.

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