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Complete Double Nuc

Overwintered nucleus colonies are an excellent method to minimize their dependence on package bees. The colony overwinters in 8 frames in a 4 frame / 4 frame configuration.



This nuc offers a number of advantages...

  • Early spring availability of locally-adapted queens and nucs
  • Overwintered nucs and queens are proven, having already survived winter.
  • Offers resources in reserve, to expand or replace winter losses

Kit Includes:

  • Divided Bottom Board
  • Divided Deep or Medium Hive Body
  • 2 x Four Frame Deep or Medium Supers
  • 2 x Inner Covers
  • Nail Kit

Does not include telescoping outer cover (which is required), frames, or foundation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Great woodenware

My other hobby is being a woodworker. The quality of this pine is top-notch, I have no knots in my batch! I have not assembled to check the craftsmanship but I don't have any doubts. Likely buying a couple more.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Well-milled pieces and included hardware made the assembly a snap.
After assembly the individual parts seemlessly sit on the divided bottom board which I expect from Perfectbee/Betterbee.
I see some comments about no entrance reducers but the entrances are small and just need some hardware cloth for mice in the fall.
No top cover included but still a good deal considering the quality.

Resource hive

God quality hives. Fast shipping! I will be coming back here.
Only thing it was partly damaged in route due to poor packing and handling but everything was replaced with no problem.

Great quality nuc boxes

These nuc boxes are very well made! Hardware was included which was nice. Shipping was quick and customer service was amazing. I definitely recommend these boxes and this company!

Resource Hive

Good purchase with fast delivery. Would have been perfect if they would throw in the entrance reducers.

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