Complete Double Nuc

Overwintered nucleus colonies are an excellent method to minimize their dependence on package bees. The colony overwinters in 8 frames in a 4 frame / 4 frame configuration.


This nuc offers a number of advantages…

  • Early spring availability of locally-adapted queens and nucs
  • Overwintered nucs and queens are proven, having already survived winter.
  • Offers resources in reserve, to expand or replace winter losses

Kit Includes:

  • Divided Bottom Board
  • Divided Deep or Medium Hive Body
  • 2 x Four Frame Deep or Medium Supers
  • 2 x Inner Covers
  • Nail Kit

Does not include a 10 frame telescoping outer cover (which is required). A 10 frame outer cover such as a galvanized telescoping top cover or the BeeMax Insulated Cover can be utilized. Does not include frames, or foundation.