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Complete Double Nuc



Overwintered nucleus colonies are an excellent method to minimize their dependence on package bees, streamline the supply of nucleus colonies. The colonies overwinter in 8 frames in a 4 frame / 4 frame configuration.

This nuc offers a number of advantages…

  • Early spring availability of locally-adapted queens and nucs
  • Overwintered nucs and queens are proven, having already survived winter.
  • Offers resources in reserve, to expand or replace winter losses

Kit Includes:

  • Divided Bottom Board
  • Divided Deep or Medium Hive Body
  • 2 x Four Frame Deep or Medium Supers
  • 2 x Inner Covers
  • Nail Kit

Does not include telescoping outer cover (which is required), frames, or foundation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Resource Hive

Good purchase with fast delivery. Would have been perfect if they would throw in the entrance reducers.

Slight fulfillment issue, but fantastic customer service

Perfectbee fulfilled this order through a 3rd party, and they forgot to include the 2 covers. I was extremely impressed with how quickly Perfectbee responded, and the remaining parts arrived a few days later.

A few notes: the hives ship bare wood parts (not wax dipped, which I expected, since the listing didn't mention wax dipping) with nails, and they're not assembled (which I DIDN'T expect since the listing showed fully-assembled hives, not kits to build them). It's about 10 minutes to do that assembly yourself.

Resource hive purchased

Purchased a resource hive, had to wait a week for back order (due to demands) but once we received it we were very happy with the quality. We will order again.

Resource Hive

Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful resource hive! Looking forward to splits in the spring!


Took two weeks on shipping.
They did not even send it until over a week later. Products were fine - dropped ship from other companies.
Nice people to deal with.

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