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Double Nuc Inner Cover

Features a 3/8” depth on one side and 9/16” depth on the other side. Used for winter ventilation and contains room for feeding patties.



The updated round center hole allows you to place a standard mason jar with perforated lid to feed. Inner covers for double nuc boxes are sold individually and used in pairs. An outer cover must be used above inner covers; inner covers are not designed to be out in the weather.

We recommend placing the ventilation notch up for summer. When preparing the hive for winter, place the notch down towards the frames to provide an upper entrance and ventilation for the colony.

Please Note: When feeding place a deep hive body over the inner covers and install jar feeders into the center hole of the inner covers. Reinstall the outer cover and cover the ventilation hole in the inner covers to reduce the chance of robbing.

The inner cover ships fully assembled.

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