Global Smoker

The high quality construction of this smoker and awesome features will make it your go-to hive smoker.


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This stainless-steel smoker features a dome top rather than a pinched nose like traditional smokers in North America.

The removable chamber alone makes this a trusty companion with you in the apiary and makes ash removal a cinch with this smoker: simply remove the ashcan after it has cooled and dump the contents in your compost or bury it in your apiary.

Ventilated holes in this chamber increase air flow, helping to keep your smoker lit longer.

This smoker is lighter and easier to handle than our Smoker Pro and is the recommended choice if you have less than 10 hives.

Don’t forget the fuel! Try out our cotton smoker fuel or baling twine to help keep your smoker lit for your entire apiary visit.

Dimensions: 4″ wide x 7” tall