Formic Pro Mite Treatment

The latest generation of certified organic Varroa mite treatments.


Using the same natural ingredients found in Quick Strips, Formic Pro has an updated formula with two important benefits, resulting in a a more effective mite treatment:

  • A longer shelf life of 24 months
  • Extended treatment periods, of 14 or 20 days

There are two treatment regimes possible with Formic Pro:

  • Laying 2 strips across the frames for 14 days
  • Laying 1 strip for 10 days, twice (for a total of 20 days)

Requires a daytime temperatures of 50-85 degrees F. Leave in place for the bees to dispose of themselves or remove based on the timeline above.

Note: Do not remove the papery wick around the gel.

What is Formic Acid:

Formic acid is a naturally occurring component in honey that, when properly formulated, can not only kills adult Varroa mites but also kills 95% of the mites incubating under the cappings.

Since it can be found naturally in honey, formic acid treatments can be applied during honey flow, even when supers are on the hive and leaves no residue.

More details from the manufacturer:

Formic Pro is designed for use with standard Langstroth equipment or equivalent (e.g. Dadant), single or double brood chamber hives.

The colony should be a minimum of 10,000 bees, covering approximately six deep frames. An entrance must be provided that is the full width of the hive, typically the bottom board entrance, minimum height ½ inch.

The bottom entrance must be fully open for the entire duration of treatment. Any restriction on the entrance into the brood chamber (e.g. reducer or mouse guard) must be removed to prevent excessive damage to the colonies.

Screened bottom boards should be closed off during treatment to prevent formic acid vapor loss. Screened bottom boards should not be considered a source of fresh air as bees are not designed to move air up through the screen.

Other hive designs have not been thoroughly tested and may not support the ventilation requirements for a successful Formic Pro treatment.”


  • Product cannot be shipped outside the US
  • Packaging may be different to that displayed
  • This product is non-returnable
  • Expires 03/2025 or later