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3-Way Deep Queen Mating Nuc

A new version of this mating nuc, offering efficient features for queen rearing.


Designed with the following benefits.

  • Each chamber holds three standard deep frames (9-1/8 inch), allowing the use of frames you already have on hand.
  • The bottom board has three entrances, with one in the one in the middle opposite the entrances on the ends.
  • Dividers in the deep box extend close to the bottom.
  • An additional 3/4” space at the bottom allows for inserting frames with swarm cells.
  • The inner covers feature a notch at one end, to be positioned opposite the entrance.

Feeder holes accept a Boardman feeder cap (not shown but included).

Requires a standard sized outer cover, sold separately.  Comes unassembled.

Customer Reviews

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Great Value

This is like have 3 separate 2-3 frame Nucs for the price of one Nuc. The build quality is excellent in fact after I received this, I re-ordered a second one. Great product, great service. Very reasonable shipping cost. Thank You for providing this product.

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