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Complete Mating Nuc With Frames

Two-way Lyson queen mating nuc, hand constructed with polystyrene.



This mating nuc features reinforced edges to protect the nuc while you are working in the hive. Polystyrene has a greater R value which provides the bees with better insulation. This nucleus includes the bottom board, one body, a partition, divided feeder, cover, and six mini frames. The bottom board includes two landing strips which can be inserted into the entrances.

Extra parts are sold separately.

The nucleus box and feeder come pre-painted to save you time!

Foundation is not included. Foundation needs to be cut to approximately 6-1/4" tall by 8" wide. Top bar is grooved for plastic foundation, but wax could be installed without too much difficulty.


30 cm. long x 30 cm. wide x 34 cm. high

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