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No-graft Queen Rearing Kit

Allows you to raise many queens without grafting.


An ability to create new queens is an important benefit the prepared beekeeper. The beekeeper who only grafts occasionally will also appreciate this system. With this system you can be sure of the age of the eggs you want your bees to make into queens (queens are eggs for 3 days, larva for 5 1/2 days then pupa for 7 1/2 days, for a maximum total development of 16 days)

Comes unassembled with a comb box, 110 cell cups, 2 bars with 20 cell bar fixtures, 20 cup holders and 20 hatching cages.

Complete instructions are included and some assembly.

If you want to learn more about the techniques for queen rearing we recommend Successful Queen Rearing by Spivak and Reuter or Contemporary Queen Rearing, a classic book about the concepts and processes of queen rearing by Laidlaw.

Full instructions here.

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