Lyson 4 Frame Minima Extractor

A compact and smooth extractor offering ultimate leverage and comfort.


A great choice for beekeepers with just a few hives. This low-cost tangential extractor (see below for explanation) doesn’t sacrifice ease of extraction. Lyson’s signature side-mounted crank ensures their manual extractors are comfortable, effective, and efficient.


Durable drum with basket
Clear acrylic cover: Watch the whole process!
High-quality plastic honey gate
Side-mounted crank

Holds 2 deep, 4 medium or 4 shallow frames.

Does not contain legs. 24-month warranty

16″ D x 29″ H

Tangential Extractors

Frames are parallel to the center of the basket. Only the comb facing outward is extracted. Frames must be flipped multiple times to extract both sides and to prevent blowouts where the comb breaks due to the weight of the honey.

Better for thicker honey as it’s easier for honey to move perpendicular, than to move at a slight angle like that of the radial extractor.