Lyson Motorized Large Frame Extractor

Extract large frames with this motorized honey extractor.


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This extractor is designed for honey extraction from large frames, and will extract 4 Layens, 4 AZ/Slovenian frames, or 4 Langstroth deeps/8 mediums at once.

Photo shows a Layen frame in the extractor. Frame dimensions: 16″ high, side bar outside width is 13″ and the top bar is 1-1/2″ wide by 14-5/16″ long.

  • Tangential, universal wire basket
  • 1-1/4″ stainless steel honey gate
  • 24 gauge stainless steel drum with conical bottom for easy draining of extracted honey and cleaning.

Product Specifications:

  • Maximum frame size: 18-1/2″ H x 14-1/2″ W x 1-1/2″ D
  • Drum Diameter: 25-1/2″ (650mm)
  • Drum Height: 23-3/4″
  • Overall Drum Height: 37-1/4″
  • Clearance below Honey Gate: 13-1/4″
  • Rubber pads for bottom of legs included
  • Some assembly required
  • Unit weight empty: 60 pounds