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Ultimate IPM Bottom Board


A market-leading, proven bottom board, featuring an innovative design with these benefits such as removable/reversible Mouse Guard.

Available for 10 frame Langstroth hives only.

  • Fits standard 10-frame hive stands
  • Modular design integrates with the available Ultimate Hive Stand through security holes
  • Designed to work well with the Ultimate Universal IPM Robbing Screen
  • Removable/Reversible Mouse Guard
  • Plugs for Reversible Mouse Guards/Entrance Reducers
  • Embedded Mesh
  • Inspection Board Support
  • Molded in Soft White color Never needs painting
  • Tough Technopolymer material; No BPA
  • Slide out Inspection Board
  • Self-Draining edge
  • Stainless Steel Mesh for Long Life
  • Hive Strap notch
  • Smooth Rounded Edges; NO Sharp Corners
  • Security Pins for Hive Bodies
  • Removable/Reversible Entrance Reducer
  • Angle Self-Draining Landing Board
  • Hive Strap Notch
  • Hive Supports
  • No-Slide Textured Landing Board

Bee Smart Designs

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great option

These plastic bottom boards are a great option to wooden ones. While a little pricey, they are sturdy, have a screened bottom, and easy to use entrance options. Should last forever

Great, Innovative Product

A couple of years ago I bought the brown, earlier version of the Ultimate Bottom Board. I was very happy with the ones I bought and how well they ventilated the hive as well as the possibility of them being more hygienic. Now that I have more hives I wanted to buy more of the brown ones, not knowing that there was a new version out. When I saw the new, white ones I was a bit apprehensive. I thought the others did such a good job that any improvement might be a step backward. However, since using the new bottom boards I can say that they work very well, and there was not need for apprehension in my part. They are just as solid and well designed as the previous version, but with better entrance reducers and a better screen.

IPM Bottom board

Very happy with purchase. It’s made of plastic so it won’t retain odors, hold moisture, warp, deteriorate, and will be easy to clean. It comes with 4 mouse guards/entrance reducers. It fits perfectly under my hive. I’m a new beek so I’m researching as much as I can so I can get items that will help with beekeeping. I also purchased a Vivaldi board which is a 3 in one item. It’s an inner cover, fondant feeder and a ventilation screen.

Ultimate bottom board

The bottom board was all that and more. I looks to be stronger than thought time will tell. As for the added feet I say save your money and dont buy them. Very flimsy and bulky. Just as easy to buy cat food cans and put under to keep ants away. Will be returning the feet.

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