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Ultimate Hive Stand

An intelligent, modular and elegant solution to the age-old requirement to raise your hive off the ground.



Helps avoid damp and reduces the risk of attacks from pests. Raises your hive to a more convenient working height and requires just a few minutes and a screwdriver to assemble.

This hive stand uses a modular design that integrates securely with the Ultimate Bottom Board and the Ultimate Universal IPM Robbing Screen (both available separately)

  • Swing-out Frame Holders make working hives easier.
  • Raises hive 12″ off ground for easier access and better ventilation.
  • Works with any bottom board (Ultimate Bottom Board recommended).
  • Hive sits on heavy-duty rails for total support.
  • Available for 8-frame and 10-frame hives.
  • Built-in drains keep hive and hive components dry for longer life.
  • Large footpads spread load and ensure stability.
  • Security screws add extra strength and prevent hive from moving.
  • Fast and easy assembly. Less than 2 minutes with only a screwdriver.

Made in the USA from recycled materials that will not rust or rot. Please note that this updated and improved version does not include the sand "port" included on the first version.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michele Baker

The Ultimate Hive Stand is the best. I have an older model but this new one is the best. It's beefed up so it's sturdier and has screws and holes to secure the bottom board to the stand. Love it and Perfect Bee has the most reasonably priced shipping. Thank you.

Robin Coventry
I like it

My stand came in the mail, I bought the companies, Ultimate bottom board, too and am hoping it will stand up to supporting a monster hive. ( LOADS of bees and many boxes.) The stand was easy to assemble. Splitting hive soon will see how stand performs. I like the entrance reducers on the bottom board.

Ed Newton
Very sturdy, service excellent

My order was processed efficiently and arrived on time. The stands are sturdy and very easy to assemble.
As always, PerfectBee came through without any issues.

David Close

Best stand quick shipping

Michael Ure


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