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Pine Medium Langstroth Box

Medium box made of high quality Eastern White Pine and box-jointed for a tight fit.


Medium boxes (or honey supers) are typically the boxes where honey is stored.

Available in either 8 or 10 frame sizes, and can come as assembled or unassembled.

Our boxes include pre-drilled nail holes, 6″ hand holds and are box-jointed.

Frames not included (see here for frames).

For unassembled boxes, nails are not included (purchase nails for Hive Boxes here).

10-Frame Dimensions: 19-7/8″ L x 16-1/4″ W x 6-5/8″ H – 3/4″ inch wall thickness.

8-Frame Dimensions: 19-7/8″ L x 13-3/4″ W x 6-5/8″ H – 3/4″ inch wall thickness.