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Bettercomb Complete Kit (Unassembled)

The kit comes with enough frame components and combs to produce 10 complete frames.



Unassembled Kit Includes:

  • BetterComb Embedding Device
  • 1/2 lb. Roll of Bee Wire - enough wire for about 50 deep or 100 medium frames
  • 1/2 oz. eyelets - enough eyelets for 20 deep or 40 medium frames
  • 1 lb. Frame Nails - assembles 100 frames
  • 120 5/8" Wedge Nails - used for anchoring the wire on both ends (enough for 40 frames)
  • (2) Cardboard shim (16-3/4" by 7-3/4")
  • Eyelet Punch
  • 10 Pack Unassembled Groove Top Frames - available in medium or deep
  • Medium BetterComb 10 Pack or Deep BetterComb 10 Pack
  • (Optional) Wire Crimper Used for increasing tension on wires. Style may vary.


  • Wood glue and 12V battery not included
  • Shipping Note: This item ships "at your own risk" from our facility in New York during the winter months due to being very brittle with low temperatures.
  • BetterComb is produced by Hexacells in Hungary
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