Deep Wooden Frame with Waxed Foundation

This wooden frame with plastic foundation is ready to be added to your hive's deep box.


Our deep wooden frame is sourced from Eastern White Pine and comes pre-assembled with plastic waxed foundations already inserted.


  • Comes with your choice of either a white or black plastic foundation. Many beekeepers prefer black foundations when they hope to easier identify eggs in brood frames, or use white foundations if they’re looking to better display the true color of honey within honeycomb cells.
  • You can also choose either a standard wax coating or heavy wax (heavy wax provides an additional layer of wax, giving the bees a bit of a head start)
  • All of our frames and foundation are proudly made in the USA
  • If you are adding extra wax yourself, estimate 1 pound of beeswax for every 10 deep frames

Frame Dimensions:

  • 19″ L x 9-1/8″ H