Now In Stock: HiveAlive Fondant is valuable all year round, including while temperatures are too low to feed syrup.

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Ultimate Universal IPM Robbing Screen

A market-leading, proven bottom board, featuring an innovative design with these benefits such as removable/reversible Mouse Guard.



Designed for ease-of-use and practicality, this robbing screen is highly effective.

Having a quick and simple way to protect your colony from the threat of robbing is essential. This excellent product has a number of advantages.

  • EZ-Swing doors latch open and closed easily and quickly
  • Snap-off tabs allow use on either 8 or 10 frame hives
  • Integrates perfectly with the Ultimate Bottom Board
  • Large access spaces allow bees to exit and return, while stopping robbers
  • Easy installation with included push pins, plus holes for safe storage of pins when not in use
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