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Escape Screen

The most stress-free way to remove bees from a super.



This beehive triangular escape board is placed between the supers and the brood chamber during honey harvest, and provides the most stress-free way to remove bees. The distinctive design allows for bees to exit the super but will not allow them back in.

Bees navigate according to a very strict set of rules. When a bee reaches an obstruction, it will always travel to the right and follow that obstruction until it can go no further. The bee will not go left. In the case of the Triangle Escape Board, it is easy for the bees to leave with three convenient exits. However, they are unable to get back in! This board comes fully assembled and ready to use.

We advise you not to leave the escape board on for more than about 48 hours otherwise your bees may figure out how to get back into the super!

If brood is present in the honey super, nurse bees will not leave the super.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Don't plan on using until June. Arrived quickly and it is well made. Looking forward to using it.

Bee hive escape board

I have not used the board yet, but it is well made and will do the job. My order arrived very fast. I will continue to use Perfect Bee!

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