Beemax 4-Box Kit

A great hive choice for your first season. Get the convenience of buying a hive with honey supers at the same time, saving over the price of buying the pieces separately.


Made of lightweight polystyrene with an impressive R-value of 6.5, this hive offers colonies a better chance at overwintering in extreme northern temperatures, and staying cool in the hot summer months.


  • BeeMax Telescoping Outer Cover
  • Wooden Inner Cover for BeeMax
  • 2 BeeMax Medium Supers
  • 20 Medium Frames
  • 2 BeeMax Deep Hive Bodies
  • 20 Deep Frames
  • Plastic Queen Excluder
  • Beemax Bottom Board with Built-in Varroa Screen
  • Varroa Monitoring Equipment (Optional)

BeeMax Hive Assembly and Information.


Q: Should I paint this hive?

A: BeeMax hive bodies should be painted with exterior latex paint to help protect the polystyrene from the sun’s UV rays and extend the life of the hive

Q: What is the difference between plastic foundation with wax versus heavy wax?

A: All plastic frames come waxed, but heavy wax has an extra layer that bees accept better, speeding up the process of drawing comb.

Q: When would I use black vs. white foundation?

A: The following will help you decide.

  • Black foundation is great for brood, the high contrast against eggs allows easier identification
  • White foundation is great for supers, the light nature of the plastic displays the true color of honey