Lyson Super Kit

Get your Lyson hive ready for the honey flow with our super kit!


Lyson beehive equipment is manufactured in Poland and molded from the highly insulating material polystyrene. Your bees will be better insulated in Lyson equipment than if in a wooden hive, helping them survive through the harsh winter, and stay cool in the  heat of summer.

Our super kit makes provides an all in one option to easily add space atop your hive. The kit features two pre-assembled medium supers(with latches included), your choice of frames, and a queen excluder to keep your honey free from brood.


  • 2 Medium Assembled Supers with latches
  • 20 Assembled Frames
  • Plastic Queen Excluder

Note: This hive comes unpainted. We recommend painting polystyrene equipment with an an exterior latex paint to protect from the elements & extend the life of the hive.