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Beekeeping is an always-changing, fun, exciting, controversial, scientifically-fascinating hobby! And the learning never stops. PerfectBee believes that constantly being exposed to many perspectives and ideas is the best approach for the new beekeeper – and, indeed, the experienced beekeeper! For this reason, we offer a number of columns focused on different aspects of beekeeping. A …

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PerfectBee: To Your First Beehive and Beyond

Introducing PerfectBee ColonyA first-of-its-kind membership for the hobbyist beekeeper. Featuring webinars, a regular beyond-the-basics beekeeping newsletter, a members-only Facebook group and savings at the PerfectBee Store, all for a low monthly rate.Learn MoreVisit The PerfectBee StoreFeaturing Premium and Economy hives, accessories, tools, protective clothing, supplements, treatments and much more – the PerfectBee Beekeeper’s Store offers …

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