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Part-Time, Work-from-Home Customer Service Position

Is this you?

  • Do you love dealing with customers, making sure they are thoroughly pleased with their experience?
  • Do you have a strong attention to detail, a desire to "go the extra mile" and an interest in doing a more than merely checking tasks off a list!
  • Do you enjoy turning a mass of data into actionable information to help a business.

PerfectBee is looking to extend our customer support team and has a part-time Virtual Assistant opening on our customer service team. The position is remote/work-from-home, by design.

For this particular opening we are looking for someone who enjoys and is comfortable dealing with data, to turn it into information to help us drive our business forward. Please see "Data Management Skills" below, for important details and requirements.

About The Role

This customer service position has a broad range of responsibilities. The following are representative, but will evolve over time as PerfectBee continues to grow.

  • Monitoring the (largely automated) processing of incoming orders
  • Communicating with customers proactively and effectively, to answer questions and resolve issues, via both email and phone
  • Working with vendors and distributors to ensure orders are processed efficiently and on time
  • Communicating with Colony members for membership-related questions, generating course certificates and more
  • Working seamlessly with other Customer Support Representatives, to ensure we serve our customers in a reliable, friendly and proactive manner
  • Engage proactively in numerous ongoing internal projects, separate to the direct customer service role

The successful candidate with have a strong passion to serve and delight customers plus a willingness to learn on an ongoing basis, including at a technical level.

Initially, there will be a small number of hours per week (5-10) but this likely will grow over time.

Data Management Skills

As well as the customer support responsibilities, this particular opening also requires a comfort handling data from a wide range of sources, with a view to delivering actionable, tangible information for our business. We respectfully ask that you only apply for this role if you satisfy the following.

  • Required *
    • Good experience with Microsoft Excel, particularly with respect to managing, querying and presenting data.
    • An ability and interest in importing, exporting, sorting, filtering, querying and so on. Data doesn't scare you, it fascinates you!
  • Preferred Skills
    • If already know and understand terms like "join", "key", "index", "csv file" and so on that's good. Add SQL and JSON and that's even better!
    • Awareness of things like Google Analytics, A/B testing and SEO is great too.


  • You should know about XLOOKUP - not because you just Googled it, but because you know how to use it!
  • We want to be able to provide you with access to various sources of business data and rely on you to export, import, query etc, based on the business questions we wish to answer.

Customer Service Skills

Beyond those requirements, the role is as follows.

  • Required
    • A keen, passionate and proven focus on customer service
    • Experience dealing with customers in an online setting, through email and over the phone
    • Solid organizational and communication skills, with a strong attention to detail
    • Strong familiarity and comfort with regular computer tasks such as editing documents, updating spreadsheets, arranging meetings and so on
    • Experience and comfort working with modern online apps and services. No specific apps are required (we will train, as required), though experience and a working knowledge of WordPress and/or WooCommerce are strong advantages
    • English speaking, with experience offering customer service in a professional setting
  • Preferred
    • An active interest in beekeeping is a strong preference, but not a requirement

Location and Availability

  • Candidates must be based in the contiguous US
  • This role requires monitoring of email during agreed hours and an ability to respond to tasks in a reasonable timeframe during US business hours (west coast preferred but not essential)
  • While there will some time-critical tasks, the priority is on executing in a predictable, reliable and well-communicated manner
  • An interest in optionally working outside these hours is preferred, but not required

Resources Required

  • Reliable access to a high speed Internet connection, both upstream and downstream
  • A computer capable of supporting participation in online video meetings and the presentation and viewing of a shared screen

Why Work With Us?

Note : This is not a full time / employed position and the successful candidate will be working in a freelance capacity.

We love customers! And we love it even more when they love us! We will train you to be effective using our internal processes so you can serve our customers and members well.

You will enjoy working with our vendors and our customer and, over time, you are likely to learn a wide and diverse set of technical services.

We are a family-run business with a nice balance of informality and friendliness and a fierce, burning passion for stellar customer service. The successful candidate will track time worked and report weekly.

How To Apply

We keep it simple! Just use our contact form and please include...

  • Why you think this position might suit you and what you can offer
  • Background in customer support, both online and over the phone
  • Interest and background in beekeeping, if applicable
  • If available, a link to your resume
  • Your pay expectations (dollars per hour)
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