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“Newbee Questions, Expert Answers” Column

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We’ve all been there!

You have a fascination with bees, have felt the call of beekeeping and decided to take the plunge – and then the confusion starts!

  • What hive should I purchase?
  • Where should I install it?
  • What feeder is best?
  • When should I check the queen is out of her cage?

Of course, that’s a tiny selection of many, many questions you will have. PerfectBee is proud to offer a wide range of articles and blog posts that will help you answer these questions.
But, as a “newbee” (beginner beekeeper” you will have more? And so we decided to create this unique series as way to walk in the shoes of said newbee! Here’s how we do that…

One Newbee + One Expert = One Series

This series captures the real-world, actual questions of a new beekeeper as he obtains his bees, installs them and starts out as a beekeeper. We include the type of questions you won’t always find asked else where – like “When I bring my package bees home, will they make a mess in my car?!”.
Through a Q&A style, we hope you will find this series both fun and educational?

Who Is the Newbee and Who Is the Expert?

So we needed a newbee and we needed an expert. Enter… Mark and Ron.

  • Mark Williams is the founder of PerfectBee. He launched PerfectBee in November 2015 and by working with expert beekeeper contributors helped introduce many new beekeepers to this fascinating hobby. Mark took the plunge and has recently installed his first beehive. He’s excited about where this leads – and has some questions. Lots of them! Mark…. is our resident newbee.
  • Ron Lane has years of experience as a beekeeper and regularly teaches beekeeping classes. With a light, enjoyable but thorough style, Ron responds to Mark’s questions using common sense and real-world experience of the issues facing new beekeepers. Ron…is our beekeeping expert.

We do hope you enjoy this series.

4 thoughts on ““Newbee Questions, Expert Answers” Column”

  1. An interesting thing happened the other day while making our sauce outdoors in big cooking pot. A wasp or bee, really not sure flew into the sauce and after stirring a few times it resurfaced to the top so I took it out. We made about 60 one litre jars of sauce that this wasp or bee drowned in. So my question and concern is, is the sauce safe to eat? Would really appreciate some advice or help with this one.

    Thanks kindly,

  2. I am a first year beekeeper. We live in Redding, CA, where the summer temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees. I started my colony in early May (via nuke), and have been watching the numbers steadily grow. The hive is healthy and very active. Last week, I added a super, but haven’t seen any activity yet. Is this normal? Should I be concerned that the bees aren’t beginning to store honey?

  3. Another question from a novice beekeeper. During a recent inspection, I wasn’t able to find the queen, but, with all the new bees, I might have missed her. More concerning, however, was the fact that I saw two supersedure and one swarm cell. All were occupied. Should I be concerned about this or is it normal? What, if anything, should I do with these queen cells? Thanks.

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