The PerfectBee Colony Beekeeping Forum is a place for beekeepers to discuss and ask questions about the wonderful world of beekeeping. It is a friendly, respectful, fun and helpful community of beekeepers, of all levels of experience. To keep it this way, we have a few suggestions and rules.

Be Specific

First, when asking questions, be as specific as you can in order to get the best answers. Context can help a lot!

Consider Helping Others

Secondly, please try to help others! No matter your experience, you may know something someone else does not. Feel totally free to chime in with your own thoughts and ideas.

Our Common Sense Rules To Keep It Friendly!

We have a few common sense rules to keep our forum a happy, friendly place!

  1. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE! Be respectful, thoughtful and give people the benefit of the doubt. Remember, we all have opinions, so embrace that and join in some friendly debate.
  2. Profanity, prejudice, rudeness, etc – all the obvious are just NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please always be courteous and respectful, even when you have a disagreement.
  3. In general, keep on topic to beekeeping and closely-related topics
  4. Promotion of other beekeeping forums, Facebook groups, Facebook pages, beekeepinng courses or programs on the topic of beekeeping are not permitted. Note: PerfectBee reserves the right to occasionally reference products or services we offer, but you will find us keeping this pretty light and always when it adds value to the community.
  5. Occasionally you may post an affiliate link if it adds unambiguous value to a post – but you MUST state in your post that it’s an affiliate link. It must be relevant, in context and genuinely useful. No exceptions.
  6. Unless someone has EXPLICITLY asked for people to send a private message in response to a question, don’t send unsolicited messages to other Colony members. If you have advice or comments then go ahead and post it in our forum for ALL to share. We won’t put up with members being spammed – do that and you are gone!

We reserve the right to block and ban folks who disregard these rules at any time. But….

The LAST thing we want to do is over-police this! We want our community to run along nicely and happily, with everyone feeling very welcome.

Please help us keep it that way.

Enjoy the PerfectBee Colony Beekeeping Forum