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PerfectBee Ambassadors are wonderful folks with a true and long-lasting passion for beekeeping. With a diverse set of beekeeping experiences, our Ambassadors love helping other beekeepers.

From various locations across the US, our Ambassadors participate, on a voluntary basis, in the PerfectBee Beekeeping Forum, in our regular Colony webinars, our Colony Cluster online meetings, as authors of our ever-expanding library of articles and Academy lessons...and so much more. Our Ambassadors are giving back to this beautiful hobby of beekeeping and we're honored and appreciative of their involvement with PerfectBee.
Ron Lane, Senior Contributor

Ron Lane

From beautiful Oregon, Ron has enjoyed beekeeping for many years. He has contributed to PerfectBee since 2016 and has quite the following among PerfectBee visitors! Over the years, Ron has also introduced hundreds of folks to beekeeping, through  his classes in Oregon each year.
Janice Friend, PerfectBee Ambassador

Janice Friend

Janice is  heavily engaged in her beekeeping, in NE Tennessee. She holds a Master Beekeeping Advanced Certification from Texas T&M University. She mentors a number of beekeepers, as part of her beekeeping passion and is a member of both the Johnson County Beekeepers Club and the Eastern Apicultural Society.
Joe Bates, PerfectBee Ambassador

Joe Bates

Joe picked up the beekeeping bug in 2008 (tempted by friends!), originally in Indiana and now keeps his bees in Maine.

William Gullick

William started beekeeping in the 70's, after a chance encounter with a swarm. He lives in a rather moist part of Washington state.
Kate Louden, PerfectBee Ambassador

Kate Louden

Kate has kept bees for 20+ years, and is a Journeyman Beekeeper at Oregon State University.

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