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Lyson 10-Frame Hive Feeder

A popular feeder with a capacity of around 1.75 gallons.


This feeder can be used in two scenarios:

Includes two ladders, helping the bees rest while consuming feed and avoid drowning.

Holds around 1.75 gallons (6.75 liters) of liquid food.

For 10 frame Langstroth or Lyson hives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Not quite what I was looking for

I have a lyson hive and thought this would do the trick. I'm not quite happy that they leave a space between the top edge of the deep and the cover as the ridge around the edges stops the outer cover from sealing against the lower deep . I suppose that will be ok for the short amount of time to feed.
Also there is no apparent way to remove the ladder to clean under the ladder ( without breaking ) or to rough up the inside plastic. Bees are going to drown . They still do with my other top box feeders.
I think I can use with my wooden ware hives but I will know more when I deploy them this weekend.

Top hive feeder

Great product without having to also buy a wooden box when it is not needed. Thanks Perfect Bee!

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