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Boardman Feeder with Jug

Give your bees a quick and easy entrance feeder with this Boardman feeder with jug.


Fill the included 6 lb plastic jug with sugar syrup and install into the entrance of the hive. These Boardman feeders are easy to monitor as they are visible from the outside of the hive. The Boardman feeder comes with the plastic base, a perforated metal feeding cap, and plastic jug.

Making Sugar Syrup

For spring feeding make a 1:1 syrup using 1 pound water (2 cups) to 1 pound sugar. For fall feeding make a 2:1 syrup using 2 pounds sugar per pound of water. Water must be very hot to dissolve sugar. We do not feed sugar syrup during cold weather when bees are not able to take cleansing flights. Some beekeepers recommend putting Honey Bee Healthy to reduce mold, but always remember to remove feeders with moldy syrup and clean them well before reapplying the feeder and feed.

Hint: Order an additional cap and for quick and easy change outs when the feeder is empty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bill A
Perfect Feeder.

No more opening the hive to feed syrup. Super easy to use and monitor. Fair price and shipping. I like the one I have so well that I just ordered 3 more today.

Allan Hunter
Excellent board feeder.

I've found these board feeders to be easy to use, capacious, and absolutely perfect for the job. They allow me to remove the container and refill it easily; then placing it back in the fixture (which I leave in the hive) is a simple matter of putting it in the recess. It takes seconds. It doesn't disturb the bees at all.

Super fast mailing and a superb product. I could not be happier!

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