Beetlejail Small Hive Beetle Trap

Diminish small hive beetle infestations with the baitable Beetlejail.


Designed for easy insertion directly into your hive, the Beetle Jail Baitable Trap attracts beetles. They smell the bait and wander inside, but can’t access the bait and can’t get back out. This ensures the smell and bait remain to attract more beetles.

A variety of baits can be used with success like pollen, apple cider vinegar, pieces of fruit, or even live beetles.

Trap Features:

  • 7″ long, it can even fit in most queen mating nucs
  • 1/4″ deeper than other traps, making spilling less likely
  • The top surface of the trap is recessed, so beetles go down into the trap, not under or alongside it
  • Has a small barrier wall on the ends to form a pocket, into which the beetles will go to hide

See instructions for use here.

Additional Information on Small Hive Beetles: 

A relatively new type of pest for beekeepers, the small hive beetle (SHB) is originally from South Africa and was discovered in the US in the spring of 1998. SHB are present in all areas of the United States and parts of Canada, especially a problem in the southeastern states, due to the warmer climate. Small hive beetles can easily take over a colony with little to no resistance, consuming resources of the colony, damaging the comb, and contaminating the honey.