The Trivet Pollen Patty Holder

Give your bees the ability to rid their hive of SHB, especially when feeding pollen patties with the Trivet!


Feeding pollen patties and the protein they contain can attract a most unwanted pest, the small hive beetle (SHB). Especially when feeding pollen patties in the spring to help your colonies build up and rear brood, small hive beetles use the patties as a nutrient-rich, protected area to do the same. They lay their eggs which are often guarded by the frame below the patty. SHB larvae growing in this protected space do so quickly which can spoil the patty (and further increase the number of SHB).

A simple way to minimize the damage SHB can do is to raise the pollen patty above the frames, ensuring no hiding spot for the beetles underneath. That’s what the Trivet pollen patty was designed to do. This gives honeybees the ability to patrol the patty’s entire surface from all sides and to chase the SHB away before they can find a spot to lay their eggs. If you can stop the reproduction of SHBs, you can prevent the damage they’re capable of.

With The Trivet pollen patty holder, you’ll find the Ultimate way to deal with small hive beetle infestations. The Trivet can hold up to 1/2 of a single pollen patty on its raised grid.

Here’s a breakdown of the Trive’ts features:

  • A 4” x 6” raised, open grid holds ½ of a typical pollen patty
  • Allows bees to access both the top and bottom of a pollen patty, giving them the maximum feeding area
  • Gives bees the ability to patrol all sides of the patty and chase away SHB
  • Prevents small hive beetles from hiding and laying eggs under the pollen patty
  • Works perfectly during early-season feed to supplement brood-building
  • Can be used with any of our feeding shims, found here.
  • Small hive beetle control with no pesticides required, it’s a great option to add to your IPM system
  • For added protection, combine the use of the Trivet with small hive beetle traps.