ApiLife Var

An excellent Varroa treatment, with natural ingredients and good performance across a wide range of temperatures.


ApiLife Var (ALV) is designed to reduce side effects without a loss of efficacy. It does so through a lower dose of thymol, compared to other treatments.

It is well tolerated by honey bees, with high efficacy against varroa mites (even at cooler temperatures, where other thymol-based treatments can be less effective or have side effects). Another benefit is that there is no need for extra space to install the treatment on top of frames.

Note: This product is not available for shipment to California or Hawaii.

The treatment contains four, all-natural ingredients: thymol, eucalyptus oil, L-menthol, and camphor. Thymol contained in the wafers is released by contact and evaporation. ApiLife Var wafers are made from a sponge-like material, allowing the gradual evaporation of its natural ingredients.

The manufacturer’s product brochure can be found here.

Available in three options:

  • 3 Pack: Treats up to 2 hives
  • 15 Pack: Treats up to 10 hives
  • 100 Pack: Treats up to 66 hives

ApiLife Var Notes:

  • Up to 95% efficacy, most effective at  temperatures between 65 and 95 degrees F (18-35 degrees C)
  • ApiLife Var should not be used when honey supers are present
  • Three applications are needed to complete a full treatment
  • AviLife Var wafers are very fragile: use care when opening the package. We recommend using scissors to open the top of the package.
  • Watch this video for tips on opening an ALV package

Using ApiLife Var:

  • Reduce entrances and other openings to your hive, including closing screened bottom boards.
  • However, keep the entrance wide open if you are applying treatment when the average daytime temperature is at the higher end of the recommended temperature range.
  • For a single application, break one wafer into 4 small pieces, then lay them on the 4 corners of your uppermost hive body
  • They should be as far away from the heart of the brood nest as possible, to reduce brood exposure to ALV vapor
  • Treat your entire apiary at the same time, to avoid robbing between colonies