Complete BeeMax Medium Box

Complete with 10 frames, this lightweight medium super is ready to add to your BeeMax hive setup.


Easily add this complete 10-frame BeeMax medium super to give your bees more room to store honey or use it as an additional brood box.

BeeMax’s polystyrene hive systems may be lightweight, but they still provide excellent insulation with an R-value of 6.5. Their superior insulation can help honeybees from having to work so hard to regulate the internal hive temperature in either extremely cold or hot weather.

This super comes complete with 10 frames. Choose between black or white plastic frames, with or without additional heavy wax coating.

Note: BeeMax hive bodies should be painted with exterior latex paint to protect from the sun’s UV rays and extend the life of the hive.

Item is shown in photo already assembled but will ship unassembled. Assembly is quick and easy, taking a minute or so per super.