Nucleus Robbing Screen

Fits single and double nuc boxes.


Help your nucleus colony protect itself from robber bees with a robber screen!

The robber screen is used to discourage robbing in weak colonies. The idea is simple. Robbers attempt to enter the hive by flying straight into the entrance. The screen prevents them from entering. Resident bees leave the entrance, crawl up the hive front and exit through a slot in the top of the screen. They reenter the hive through the same slot. It is always best to add these screens before robbing gets started. A colony can have all its stores removed very quickly once robbing gets started. The screen is easily attached to the hive using 2 wood screws (included).

A top gate and an adjustable lower entrance allow the robber screen to also be used as a reduced standard entrance by sliding the reducing screen to close off part of the lower entrance. With the lower entrance closed it serves as a ventilated closure for moving bees.

The reducer screen also features a built in mouse guard. Just flip it over and it serves as a winter entrance with mouse protection. The robber screen is available in sizes to fit 8 and 10 frame hives.