Medium Crimp Wire Foundation – 8 Sheets

Using crimp wire foundation provides support and uses a raw material your bees will gravitate toward, natural beeswax!


Many beekeepers prefer to use crimped wire foundations as they provide a stable guide that bees can use to build reliably straight combs and foundations.

Important things to take note of:

  • Use a medium wedge-top frame with this foundation. We recommend using wired medium frames to add to the strength and stability of combs.
  • If you plan to extract honey from combs built on crimped wire foundation, the use of additional support pins or wiring is recommended.
  • Wire hooks on the top of each sheet of foundation help keep the foundation in place when nailed between the wedge-top of a frame.

Pack of 8 sheets – Perfect for those using 8-frame hives!

Dimensions of Each Sheet:

  • 16-3/4″ long x 5-5/8″ high
  • Cell size: 5.4 mm

Shipping Note: This item ships “at your own risk” from our shipping facility in New York during the winter months due to being very brittle with low temperatures.