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Wooden Frames (Unassembled)

Built exclusively from Eastern Pine, fit tighter and are less brittle. They are easier to nail* and available in packs of 8, 10 or 100.



They feature a either a wedged or a grooved top bar (the bottom bars are grooved).

  • Wedged top bars are used with crimped-wire foundation to create a solid, reliable frame with a beeswax foundation. Wedged top bars are also commonly used with unwired drone foundation or unwired brood foundation.
  • Grooved top bars are used with plastic foundation.

Starter guides are also available, which can be inserted into the wedged top bar. These act as a guide for bees and are favored by those who wish to follow foundationless beekeeping principles.

* Nails not included. The following nails are available separately:

  • Nails for frames. These nails are used to build the frame itself.
  • Nails for wedge frames. These nails are used to attach the wedge back to the top frame, such as when inserting crimped-wire foundation.

Frame Sizing

  • Deep Frame: 9 1/8"
  • Medium Frame: 6 1/4"
  • Shallow Frame: 5 3/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Harry M

I was very pleased with my order from perfect Bee. with great service

Unassembled frames!

Arrived on time & quality was great!

Work great!

I wanted to actually see them in use before reviewing. First off I will say the customer service is absolutely fantastic. I ordered these just a few weeks before I was to pick up my first two packages this year. I had everything ready to go, I was only waiting on frames. Unfortunately, they shipped me the wrong item. When I reached out they responded with a personal phone call within 30 minutes. They immediately sent out the correct item, and gifted me the incorrect item.

Now on to the frames. They are great quality. The bottom bar is a little rough on the ends, and being a perfectionist I solved the roughness with a chisel, probably not necessary though. I am running the frames foundationless, just ran craft wire through from one side to the other, stapled in place by staple gun. The bees have taken to the frames well, and they are solid quality.


After buying wooden ware from national leading suppliers, and being very disappointed with the quality. I am extremely satisfied with your quality product and customer support. Will use this company again

good quality, good fit

good quality wood, no splits or knots, joints fit snug. other than missing some of my order (which customer service shipped promptly) I was pleased with the product and will order from again.

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