Wooden Frames (Unassembled)

Built exclusively from Eastern Pine, fit tighter and are less brittle. They are easier to nail* and available in packs of 8, 10 or 100.


They feature a either a wedged or a grooved top bar (the bottom bars are grooved).

  • Wedged top bars are used with crimped-wire foundation to create a solid, reliable frame with a beeswax foundation. Wedged top bars are also commonly used with unwired drone foundation or unwired brood foundation.
  • Grooved top bars are used with plastic foundation.

Starter guides are also available, which can be inserted into the wedged top bar. These act as a guide for bees and are favored by those who wish to follow foundationless beekeeping principles.

* Nails not included. The following nails are available separately:

  • Nails for frames. These nails are used to build the frame itself.
  • Nails for wedge frames. These nails are used to attach the wedge back to the top frame, such as when inserting crimped-wire foundation.

Frame Sizing

  • Deep Frame: 9 1/8″
  • Medium Frame: 6 1/4″
  • Shallow Frame: 5 3/8″