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Wooden Frames (Assembled)

Saves you time and effort. Just add starter strips or foundation.



Built exclusively from Eastern Pine, these frames fit tighter, are less brittle and easier to nail.

Wedged vs. Grooved Top Bar

  • If you are using wax foundation, select the wedge top/ grooved bottom frames.
  • When using plastic foundation, select the grooved top bars.


  • Frames that will be run through an extractor should have additional support. Our Crimped Wire Foundation is popular in this scenario.
  • For frames that will be in the brood chamber, less support is needed.

5/8" wedge nails are available for use with wedge/grooved frames (not included).

Starter guides are also available, which provides a guide for your bees when foundationless frames are preferred.

Frame Sizing

  • Deep Frame: 9 1/8"
  • Medium Frame: 6 1/4"
  • Shallow Frame: 5 3/8"
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