Now In Stock: HiveAlive Fondant is valuable all year round, including while temperatures are too low to feed syrup.

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The perfect kit for catching swarms or making splits! Comes with all the components needed to quickly start a new colony.



A lightweight kit, easy on your back!

Made of lightweight polystyrene with an impressive R-value of 6.5, honey bee colonies have a better chance at overwintering in extreme northern temperatures, and staying cool in the hot summer months.

The Essentials Kit Includes:

  • One BeeMax outer cover
  • One wooden inner cover for BeeMax
  • Two assembled BeeMax deep hive bodies with plastic frame rests
  • BeeMax bottom board
  • Mouse guard for BeeMax hives
  • Your choice of 20 deep frames
  • An optional varroa monitoring screen (varroa screen requires assembly, wooden shim screws included but tack/staples for plastic supports are not included)


  • BeeMax hive bodies should be painted with exterior latex paint to help protect the polystyrene from the sun's UV rays and extend the life of the hive
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