Basic Lyson Complete Hive

Use this complete deep hive setup to easily start a colony or form a split. You'll provide them excellent insulation with Lyson's polystyrene.


Our Langstroth polystyrene 10-frame complete deep hive setup is manufactured by highly respected Lyson in Poland. The components are assembled and this kit comes with everything necessary to start a colony or perform a split.

Because of Lyson hives’ high R-Value(6+), your bees will be better insulated in Lyson equipment than if in a wooden hive, helping them survive through the harsh winter and stay cool in the heat of summer.


  • Outer Cover with 8 polystyrene plugs and 8 plastic venting plugs
  • Cloth inner cover
  • One Lyson Deep Hive Body (with latch to outer cover)
  • 10 Deep Plastic Frames (Black)
  • Bottom board with entrance reducer & removable tray for varroa testing and ventilation

Note: This hive comes unpainted. We recommend painting polystyrene equipment with an exterior latex paint to protect it from the elements & extend the life of the hive.