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Lyson Assembled Beehive



A  quick, cost-effective and easy way to to expand the number of colonies in your bee yard.

This kit includes:

  • Deep Boxes
    • 2 assembled deep hive bodies with latches
    • 20 assembled deep frames*
  • Medium Boxes
    • 2 assembled medium supers with latches
    • 20 assembled medium frames*
  • Bottom board with removable tray for Varroa testing and ventilation
  • Mouse guard/entrance reducer/closure
  • Lyson inner cover
  • Outer cover with 8 polystyrene plugs and 8 plastic venting plugs

* Denotes a kit component with options.

The bottom board is screwed to the bottom deep box, creating a single unit including both bottom board and deep hive body.

This hive is unpainted and we recommend painting with an exterior-grade latex paint.

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