Lyson Beginner 4-Box Kit

A premium hive kit with everything you need to start your beekeeping adventures.


Lyson, based out of Poland, is renowned for their quality and it’s no different with this assembled beginner kit. Made of polystyrene, your bees will be better insulated than if in a wooden hive, helping them survive winter, and stay cool in the summer.

A Few Things to Note About This Kit:

  • This is a 10 frame hive kit (industry standard). What that means is that the hive body (box where bees live), is able to hold 10 frames (rectangular structure that contains foundation which bees build comb on).
  • When choosing plastic frames or plastic foundation, we highly recommend applying extra beeswax to the frames. This increases the acceptance of the frames by the bees and entices them to draw the frames out faster.
  • Frames, the hive body, and other components come assembled, but beekeepers will have to arrange them as parts are moveable and not bound together


  • Outer Cover with 8 polystyrene plugs and 8 plastic venting plugs
  • Cloth inner cover
  • Lyson Polystyrene Feeder
  • Two Assembled Medium Supers with Latches
  • 20 Assembled Medium Frames and Foundation
  • Two Assembled Deep Hive Bodies with Latches
  • 20 Assembled Deep Frames and Foundation
  • Bottom board with removable tray for varroa testing and ventilation
  • Plastic Queen Excluder
  • Hive Tool
  • Stainless Steel Smoker with Heat Shield
  • Beginning Beekeeping Book
  • Deluxe Leather Gloves
  • Veil and Helmet