About PerfectBee

How many of us have driven through beautiful countryside, seen the iconic sight of a beehive on a hot summer day and just wondered.. could I be a beekeeper?

Or maybe you were amazed at how someone in the big city found a way to keep a beehive in such an urban setting.

Or perhaps you are just so drawn to the idea of producing gallons of delicious, way-better-than-from-the-supermarket honey!

And yet, for many of us, it seems a distant goal. Aside from the occasional (and wrong!) idea about being stung all over, most of us really love the idea of learning about bees and becoming a beekeeper.

Beekeeping features science and nature and so many wonderful aspects – and it most certainly helps the environment.

PerfectBee Is Here For You

PerfectBee is all about YOU! Our motto says it all. “3-Steps To Your First Beehive and Beyond”. Let’s look at that in detail! If the thought of becoming a beekeeper is very attractive to you but you don’t know where to start – well, we should talk!

3 Steps…

We guide you through your journey in three steps. Learn About Bees, Your Beehive, and A Healthy Beehive.

We don’t pretend it’s easy or simple – it’s a challenge. But our three-step plan provides a solid framework for your to learn what you need to get to…

To Your First Beehive

Getting from zero to one beehive requires a little commitment. That’s your first goal (though, as a detail you will learn later, we actually suggest starting with two). And we will walk you through that path, to the point where you can confidently install your first beehive – and your first bees!

And Beyond

At this point you are just starting to learn. Bees teach us – forever. A beekeeper with 30 years experience is still a beekeeper that will learn a thing or two each year. THAT… is why we believe beekeeping is the hobby, pastime, or maybe even a sideline business that just keeps on giving. PerfectBee takes to your first beehive and is there for you as you continue to learn more.

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