About PerfectBee

How many of us have driven through beautiful countryside, seen the iconic sight of a beehive on a hot summer day and just wondered.. could I be a beekeeper?

Or maybe you were amazed at how someone in the big city found a way to keep a beehive in such an urban setting.

Or perhaps you are just so drawn to the idea of producing gallons of delicious, way-better-than-from-the-supermarket honey!

And yet, for many of us, it seems a distant goal. Aside from the occasional (and wrong!) idea about being stung all over, most of us really love the idea of learning about bees and becoming a beekeeper.

Beekeeping features science and nature and so many wonderful aspects - and it most certainly helps the environment.

PerfectBee Is Here For You

PerfectBee is all about YOU! Our motto says it all. #3-Steps To Your First beehive and Beyond". Let's look at that in detail! If the thought of becoming a beekeeper is very attractive to you but you don't know where to start - well, we should talk!

"3 Steps..."

We guide you through your journey in three steps. Learn About Bees, Your Beehive, and A Healthy Beehive.

We don't pretend it's easy or simple - it's a challenge. But our three-step plan provides a solid framework for your to learn what you need to get to...

"To Your First Beehive"

Getting from zero to one beehive requires a little commitment. That's your first goal (though, as a detail you will learn later, we actually suggest starting with two). And we will walk you through that path, to the point where you can confidently install your first beehive - and your first bees!

"And Beyond"

At this point you are just starting to learn. Bees teach us - forever. A beekeeper with 30 years experience is still a beekeeper that will learn a thing or two each year. THAT... is why we believe beekeeping is the hobby, pastime, or maybe even a sideline business that just keeps on giving. PerfectBee takes to your first beehive and is there for you as you continue to learn more.

So, Join Us

We have great content, a huge following on FaceBook, Pinterest boards and much more. But, to get started and kick off your own journey, just sign up to our free beekeeping newsletter PerfectBee Buzz. Through "Buzz", we will guide you and help you and keep you up to date with everything we offer.

Thank you for joining us - we look forward to hearing about your path towards becoming a successful beekeeper.

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The PerfectBee Story

It Started With A Book ...

PerfectBee came about a few years ago as the result of a chance chat between our founder, Mark Williams, and his (then) 18 year old daughter.

Enjoying a festive visit to Leavenworth, WA a few weeks before Christmas, Mark's daughter chanced upon a small rack of books. One caught her eye - a book on beekeeping.

"Dad, that looks interesting. I wonder if I could keep bees one day"

Being the crafty Christmas present planner he is, Mark later arranged for his wife to distract his daughter, while he sneaked back to the store to purchase the book.

Another stocking stuffer safely purchased - and the start of PerfectBee.

From a casual scan to 3-step plan

Eager to dive into the details of beekeeping, Mark soon realized that there was so much to learn, but no place on the web to find a nice, structured path to learning. And so, ever the one to look a challenge in the eye, Mark partnered with some experienced beekeepers and asked them to help him build just that site.

Soon, PerfectBee was launched with it's highly-regarded 3-Step Plan, with 700 initial subscribers to our newsletter, PerfectBee Buzz.

Since then many thousands have discovered and embraced the wonderful hobby of beekeeping and with approaching 60,000 Facebook fans. PerfectBee is a well-established way to learn about and engage in beekeeping.

Of course, Mark is now a beekeeper himself, learning from the experts he was on-board, as well as the wonderful community of beekeepers who join us every day. In fact, you can learn from his often "interesting" questions in our column Newbee Questions, Expert Answers.


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Learn Beekeeping with PerfectBee and prepare for your first beehive.

To start receiving our course, just sign up for our beekeeper's newsletter, PerfectBee Buzz. It's free!

If you don't see our eMails in your Inbox, make sure you allow buzz@perfectbee.com through any filter you might use.