Course 1: Learn About Bees

To achieve ongoing success as a beekeeper, it's important to have curiosity and an ever-growing understanding of the honeybee. The 3 sections in this area cover the extraordinary events in and away from the beehive, as well as a look at how we, as beekeepers, can help our bees.
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1.1 The Science of Bees

The bee is one of nature’s most incredible creators and in The Science of Bees we look at everything from bee species, reproduction, genetics and much more.
A Deeper Look at Honeybee Anatomy
Honeybee Genetics
The Honeybee Lifecycle
How Bees Use Pheromones
The Common Races Of Honeybees

1.2 The Life of Bees

Watching bees fly from and back to the hive is a special part of beekeeping. But the real wonder is what happens in and away from the hive, as our bees go about their astonishing lives.
The Role Of The Drone Honeybee
The Role Of The Queen Honeybee
The Role Of The Worker Honeybee
Why And How Honeybees Forage
Understanding The Honey Flow
Sticking With Propolis
How Bees Manage Temperature and Moisture
Fat Honeybees And The Winter Cluster

1.3 About Beekeeping

While we consider the science and life of the bee, the beekeeper can also play a vital role in the success of the colony. So, what does it take to be a beekeeper and what is involved?

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