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Colony Dispatch

Dispatch articles, a benefit of Colony Membership, are a beyond-the-basics look at important beekeeping topics.

From the experiences of seasoned beekeepers, Dispatch builds your knowledge over time, to help you to help your bees.

Beekeeper checking hives

Seasonal Changes in the Bee Yard

Seasonal transitions by our bees It seems every year is different in some way and here in Central Oregon we are running what appears to be a couple weeks behind a typical season. That’s a good thing because it means the nectar flow is still running strong. Soon we will make that transition from summer

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Eggs in honeycomb

The Debate Over Small Cell Beekeeping

Cell size in nature Bees don’t create a cells of a single, pre-determined size as they make their honeycomb. They make them according to their needs. Most beekeepers are aware that drone cells are considerably larger than those cells destined to create a worker bee. And queen cups are a very different size and shape

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Wasp attack

The Diversity of Pests

All beekeepers have a need to deal with pests at some point. Generally, mites come to mind when beekeepers think of pests. But while mites are at the top of the list, there are a host of other pests with which we beekeepers must contend. In general, pests can be defined, simplistically, as “something that

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Bees on frames

Learning From the Sadness of the Deadout Inspection

We are at a time of year when we find colonies that didn’t make it through the winter and we wonder what happened to bring about their demise. Though it is most certainly a sad discovery for the beekeeper, inspecting a so-called deadout can be a very educational process.

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