Your Beehive

With an understanding of the amazing world of the bee under your belt, it's time to get practical!

In this step we cover the details you need to decide on the right hive for you and make all the right decisions - to when you install your first bees.

Starting Your Beehive

Your Beehive : Stage Summary

Beekeeping Myths for the New Beekeeper to Question

An Introduction to the Beehive Inspection

 Beekeeping Advocacy

 Tracking Progress and Keeping Records

An Introduction to the Brood Nest

Involving Family and Friends in Beekeeping

Contrarian Positions New Beekeepers Should Consider

An Introduction to Feeding Bees

Practical Guidence for the New Beekeeper

An Introduction to Capturing a Swarm of Bees

Obtaining and Installing a Nuc Colony

Obtaining and Installing A Package of Bees

An Overview of Obtaining Bees for Your Beehive

Preparing and Installing Your Beehive

11 Questions the new Beekeeper Should Answer First

Equipment and Clothing

Beekeeping and Technology

Beekeeping Protective Clothing Overview

Tools for Beekeepers to Consider

Using Feeders with Your Beehive

Beekeeping with A Smoker

The Practicalities of Setting Up a Beehive

Beehives and Accessories

A Detailed Look at Flow Hive

Foundation or Foundationless Beekeeping?

A Detailed Look at the Top Bar Beehive

A Detailed Look at the Warre Beehive

A Detailed Look at the Langstroth Beehive

An Introduction to the Common Types of Beehive

What Beekeepers Need

What Bees Need

Your Beehive - A Practical Guide to Beekeeping