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Ultimate In-Hive Feeder

Great for your bees and easy for you and one of the best in-hive feeder designs on the market.



  • Bee Friendly-Drip Free-Fast Access
  • 1 gallon tank easily fits inside medium box; 8 or 10 frame
  • EZ lift/Grip Tank for easy handling
  • Drip-free valve maintains constant syrup level
  • Sits on inner cover or frames so bees have direct access to syrup
  • Large feeding area with landing pads and steps
  • Narrow, shallow channels for syrup to prevent drowning
  • Easy to remove for hive inspections. No mess.
  • Perfect for dispensing stimulants, supplements, and medication
  • Ready to use – just fill with syrup or water and place in hive

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Mary Brown
Bee feeder assembly

Second year using this feeder. Took apart to clean and drip valve came apart. How does it go back together?

David Kyle
Very Well Designed

This is the perfect feeder. Easy to fill, easy to deploy and, most important, easy on the bees. Very large opening to simplifying filling. The top has a piston operated valve that does not release any liquid until it is properly placed in the base. The base is designed to permit the maximum number of bees access without drowning them. In or out of the hive it is the ultimate feeder!

Sherry R
Very easy to use

I love that I no longer need to worry about spilt syrup inside the hive. The bees are able to access easily and I have no worries of them drowning. A win win situation!!

William Musico
Great but either fill a langsroth or under half size to but two in a singe supper.

Works as described but I’d like to get more than a gallon in a super

David Hannam
Works great, fewer refills, no dead bees

Love them

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