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SolutionBee HM-1 Sensor (2nd Gen)

A valuable tool for the hobbyist beekeeper wanting to better understand what is happening in the hive.



The HM-1 tracks and records both temperature and humidity readings, every hour. The monitor measures even slight changes in internal hive temperature and humidity.

This the 2nd generation of this product, which features an upgraded microprocessor, with an extended battery life of up to 5 years.

Readings are collected through an Android or iOS smartphone equipped with Bluetooth technology, which is available in virtually all modern smartphones.

  • The monitor is read via with the B-ware™ Phone App loaded on your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • The Bluetooth connection is easily established by simply approaching the hive with the app running on your smartphone. Data is uploaded with a tap of the app.
  • Available with a choice of medium or deep frame featuring a special pocket for the sensor.
  • Hive characteristics can be viewed with trend graphs generated from data gathered by HM-1 Sensor. These can optionally be  analyzed with additional data collected from the available SolutionBee HM-6 monitor.
  • Excellent brood management by your bees is characterized by a consistent 95F temperature graph, day and night. Fluctuations in temperature indicate less than ideal brood production.
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