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Double Nuc Divided Body

A partitioned hive body, divided down the center with plenty of room for installing queen cages or cells.



Comes unassembled and nails are not included. Use the same 7D Galvanized nails used for assembling any hive body or super.

For use with a double nuc bottom board, and double nuc supers. Takes a standard 10 frame outer cover, we recommend our insulated top cover.

Requires 2 double nuc inner covers.

Comes in deep or medium.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Double nuc box

Good quality. fair and fast shipping

Exceeded expectations

After my first nuc from another company fell apart the first year I decided to try this set up. Like everything I've ordered from PerfectBee the craftsmanship is above and beyond. This is one good looking nuc. I even bought the cedar gabled roof for it and it's getting a prime spot in the garden. Love it!!

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