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Microbial Supplement


Learn More : See our frames and foundation buyers guide.


This microbial supplement powder helps keep your bees fully nourished for optimal health during the colder months.

Many pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals can severely weaken honey bee natural defenses. This can occur during the fall when bees are fed sugar water when hives are prophylactically treated with treatments.

This supplement contains Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) and beneficial Bacillus spp.,, as well as yeast used to diminish disease in bees and brood.


  • Establishes beneficial Microflora
  • Helps maintain overall colony health
  • May help inhibit chalkbrood
  • Beneficial for the formation of Vitellogenin
  • Yeasts help synthesize B-vitamins

Sold in a heat-sealed and moisture-proof pack.


Use this supplement in the spring and fall. For each hive, mix 10g microbial supplement with 1 cup of powdered sugar for each hive. Then spread over the top bars of frames in brood nest areas.

Note: This product is stable for 2 years at room temperature, when sealed and stable for 5 years in cold storage.

Per state restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to any address in Florida

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