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Used for feeding bees in a number of ways.

10lb bag – cleaned, dried, and irradiated. (exposed to radiant energy to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from beehive to beehive) Bee pollen can be used as an additive in sugar syrup or for those who make their own pollen patties.

For either alternative these are recipes most consistent to what the bees themselves would produce.

For hivetop feeder: 1/2 lb of Bee Pollen/Megabee (pollen substitute) + one gallon of heavy syrup (1:1 blend, corn syrup, sucrose syrup)

Patty: By Weight- mix 1 part Bee Pollen/Megabee (pollen substitute) + 1.7 parts heavy syrup (by weight) – let soak overnight until firm.

Hint: Store bee pollen in the freezer to preserve freshness.

The consumption of pollen should be done only under the direction of your physician.

Please note that his product is non-returnable.

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