Assembled Jester Nuc Box

This rugged Nuc Box is constructed of corrugated plastic and is unaffected by rain.


The easy to use 5 frame Jester Nuc Box comes pre-assembled and ready to host bees.  This nuc box holds up to the elements, lasting through several seasons. This box not only has plenty of room to add pollen patties atop the frames, it also has a hinged cover for even easier access to work the hive. It also offers more ventilation than cardboard nuc boxes.

Can hold either medium or deep frames. (Note: when using medium or shallow frames, bees may fill extra bee space quickly. Medium/shallow frames recommended for use during shorter time periods only, like when transporting frames)

Produced by beekeeper Kevin Jester of Florida

Assembled Box Dimensions: 26″ x 20″ x 12″